Spanish investigation into Shakira’s alleged tax evasion dropped

A Spanish court has shelved an investigation into an alleged tax fraud by the Colombian pop star Shakira, putting an end to her legal woes in the country where she once lived.

Prosecutors had opened the case in July, alleging she had used a network of companies, some in tax havens, to cheat the tax office out of €6.6m (£5.7m) in 2018.

A month later, the singer paid €6.6m to settle the debt.

Prosecutors on Wednesday asked for the criminal case to be dropped over “a lack of evidence” and a day later, the court agreed.

While Shakira had committed “irregularities” in her 2018 tax return, the court said that was “not enough to constitute a [criminal] offence against the tax authorities” and that it found no “intent to defraud” in her conduct.