Shakira’s sweet message celebrating “all mothers” with an unseen image of her children

Last Sunday, May 12th, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the United States, and, as expected, dozens of famous figures took the opportunity to send heartfelt congratulations to their mothers through social media. Some even chose to send messages as mothers to their children, celebrating that unbreakable bond and complicity that is established from birth.

Shakira wanted to do it that way, who this year dedicated her Mother’s Day message to “all mothers” with a powerful message of celebration, accompanied by an unpublished image in which she can be seen with her two children, Milan (11) and Sasha (9), playing musical instruments; something we hadn’t seen since they came together for their song Acróstico.

“Today I want to celebrate all women who give and nurture life, because all of us, with or without children, know how to care for and fight for those who depend on us,” wrote Shakira, before sending a direct message to her two sons: “To Milan and Sasha, the two suns of my life, thank you for brightening it and completing me,” the singer concluded.

In the picture, the three of them appear at their residence in Miami, where they moved after leaving Barcelona. Dressed in comfortable clothes, the three seem to have formed their own band: Shakira on vocals and guitar, Milan as an experienced drummer, and Sasha, the youngest in the family, also playing the guitar.

“The mother’s talent prevails in her children,” writes one of her followers, clearly impressed by the children’s ability with the instruments. “It’s incredible that you’re leading your children to follow in your footsteps. Music is a gift. I’m sure they will be great artists,” adds another. “I love this bond,” insists another.

A tender image that could perfectly be the image of what is to come in the future, with the children becoming renowned musicians – both mastering multiple instruments – or accompanying their mother in her performances around the world.