An orchestral cover of ‘Snow on the Beach’ by Taylor Swift featuring Lana Del Rey will be featured on the season 3 of BRIDGERTON.

One of the best parts about a new season of Bridgerton is its dreamy orchestral covers of the most beloved pop songs. With Penelope and Colin’s chapter just around the corner, Netflix released the first part of the Bridgerton Season 3 soundtrack, which features new and familiar artists to the Bridgerton world.

Bridgerton Season 3 will make its grand entrance on Netflix in two parts in 2024. The first four episodes will premiere on May 16, followed by the next four on June 13. The new season will focus on the friends-to-lovers romance of Penelope and Colin (also known by their fan-given nickname “Polin”), based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling “Bridgerton” book series.

When the first four episodes drop later this week, you’ll be treated to instrumental regency-era covers of tracks from the biggest artists in music. Reimagined songs include Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey’s “Snow on the Beach,” BTS’ “Dynamite,” Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” as well as renditions from Nick Jonas, Sia, and Pitbull.

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“Sometimes initially it’s about what matches the choreography, and then later it’s about what matches the scene and the emotion,” Kamps explained. “We have a lot of covers that aren’t necessarily part of ball sequences this year, and it’s because we found some cute places to insert something that can play as a fun cover [but] doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to a dance sequence.”